Ànema is the new luxury furniture brand.

Anema was established in Borso del Grappa, on the edge of the famed Bassano cabinet-making district – an area with a long track record and international reputation for producing superior-quality furniture.

We wish to convey the very best in artisanal quality through the work of local master craftsmen which, combined with Ànema’s constructive philosophy of “one man, one piece of furniture”, yields truly unique pieces of furniture.

“Wood has always been protagonist of our work.”

“Uniqueness” – each of our creations is truly unique

Each piece we create is individually crafted and all work is done strictly by hand. At each stage, our master craftsmen bring the full extent of their knowledge, experience and artisan skills to bear, giving each component its own unique personality. Each piece is unique, and finished and curated right down to the last detail using our renowned Italian craftsmanship, which has given us an enviable global reputation: we give each of our pieces its own unique Soul.

Artisanal expertise

At an Anema, we are committed to upholding and promoting the knowledge and traditions of our region by acting as a focal point for small local artisan businesses with the aim of preserving and championing our crafting expertise.
Anema was established by one of these local artisan companies with 35 years’ experience. At our heart, we are a team of people who give each of our creations a distinct personality – a soul. This we achieve by selecting the most durable and recyclable materials – just like the furniture of yesteryear.

Quality production

The process for crafting each designer piece involves many steps, requiring the utmost attention to detail.

Each piece is subjected to numerous quality checks to ensure the product you receive is perfect right down to the last detail.

We are protectors of nature

For us, protecting nature means selecting products that are as natural as possible. These include certified water-based paints, with low emissions and little pollutants; timber sourced only from managed and certified forests, the use of recycled or recyclable components and products where possible, such as cardboard packaging and wooden crates.
For us, sustainability is also about producing furniture that lasts over time, because this means producing less waste and living in a cleaner world.